The creation of online content is becoming the norm in the present. The rate at that people are adopting online content is astounding. This has led to a significant increase in the necessity to distinguish yourself from the ever-growing stream of content marketing. This is the reason SEO is a key element.

It is essential to incorporate an SEO strategy with the content plan. This will ensure that your posts are optimized as they can be, and SEO tools can help you with this. Certain SEO tools are paid, but this doesn’t mean you need to pay to get ranked. There are a lot of SEO tools for free that is as effective as paid ones and can assist you in driving more visitors to your site.

We’ve created a list of the top Free SEO tools for this post. They are classified as Keyword Research, Link Building Analytics, Keyword Research and other technical SEO tools you can utilize to enhance the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. Let’s get started!

Technical SEO Tools

Technical SEO is the more complex optimization adjustments that provide your website with the greatest chance of ranking for relevant terms and keywords. It lets you concentrate on how the indexing engines have crawled your site. These are the top tools for free. Technical SEO tools.

Page speed Insights

In SEO, the importance of speed is paramount. The faster your site’s load time, the better it will be ranked in search results, and your site’s experience will be pleasant for users. The Google PageSpeed InsightsTool lets you analyze the speed of a page and the user’s experience. In addition, it can help you fix any issues on the page, which will help speed up the loading time of your website. It doesn’t matter whether you’re optimizing for tablets, desktops or mobile. It will show you how to fix the issue.


Siteliner is a tool that lets you locate duplicate content on your website. You must add your domain name, and it will crawl as many as 250 web pages on the internet. It determines the proportion of your site’s content that is duplicate content.

It will then inform you which pages contain duplicate content and their percentage. It will then be able to examine every page and make needed changes to avoid having excessive duplicate content on your site.

SEO Analyzer

This tool will reveal the issues in your website, including duplicate metadata tags, to website maps. It analyzes every essential element that affects SEO and creating content. It can even provide you with the speed of your site overall and the things you must improve to get the best out of your website. If you sign up with a zero-cost free membership with SEO Analyzer, the tool can automatically check for errors every week.

Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research is an essential element of optimizing your website. Keyword Research Tools can help you identify the appropriate keywords and provide you with the information you require to rank these keywords. It is essential to identify and select the appropriate keywords because if you perform keyword research incorrectly, it can do your search and cause you to slow down.


Ubersuggest is a no-cost SEO tool that allows users to develop new content and keyword concepts. It will provide you with an overall overview of the term you’re trying to find. It’s an excellent tool to have when you’re looking for ways to improve the content on your calendar of content or social media. It will show you the number of keywords that have been searched for in the last twelve months, along with all of the keywords that your competitors rank for, and offers content concepts based on the keyword. Unique in that it offers local keyword suggestions. This is great for websites which are trying to achieve local SEO.

Google Trends

As the name implies, this tool can help you monitor the popularity of specific topics and trends in your field over the course of time. It will give you an overview of how certain trends develop as time passes and how search patterns change around them. To utilize Google Trends, begin by entering a keyword. Then, you’ll be able to see the level of trend in the interest of that subject over time, the regions that are the most popular, as well as other terms that people are looking for in relation to the query.

Link Building

Search engines are always altering their ranking algorithm to give relevant results; however, backlinking is still affecting the rankings of search engines in significant ways. External backlinks from trusted and reliable websites act as a vote of trust and can help to establish your credibility. These are some of the tools that can assist you in building a Link network.

Ahrefs Backlink Checker

Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker is a tool for free that will show you the 100 most backlinks for any site you browse. To make use of this tool, type an URL into their search bar. Once you do, you’ll be able to see the Domain’s rating, its number of backlinks and the number of domains that link to it.

This tool for free is fantastic for checking your backlinks and also for analyzing your competition. Although you only see more than 100 hyperlinks, it’s an excellent place to begin. It displays the total number of backlinks, the links from domains that refer to you and the Domain of the site, as well as the URL’s rating.


When it comes to SEO, the greater the authority of the site that is linking you to, the more successful you will be. MozBar displays the authority of the domain and page authority of each webpage on the internet. If you want to create links efficiently and increase your rank, you must focus on sites that have the most authority.


Like the tools mentioned above, SEMRush has a free version of its powerful tool. SEMRush isn’t just used to help with link building. It is able to assist with keyword research as well as on-page SEO audits as well as ranking tracking, content optimizations and more. It is all you need to do is create an account free of charge to use these options.


If you’re creating captivating articles and are able to put a well-planned distribution strategy in place, the next step is to conduct a follow-up. You must know how the content is performing and who is visiting your site and what you can do to make your readers feel welcome and come back. These are the tools to do your job.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the preferred platform for many marketers. It’s free, loaded with options, and includes the credibility that comes with Google. Google branding. When you insert your Google Analytics code into your site’s HTML, It will analyze your objectives for you, including what pages users click on, the length of time they stay on that page, and what actions they perform. For instance, the tool can inform you if users are sharing content on social media, or clicking on an advertisement.

Search Console

It’s impossible to do modern SEO without access to data in the Google Search Console. It helps you make sure your site or Android application is Google-friendly and is visible in the right results for searches. It is the most reliable source of information about the way Google examines and evaluates your website and is one of the few sites where you can access accurate information on keywords.