Article submission refers to publishing an article on a third-party website. This is a process that generates high-quality backlinks to your blog or website. Websites that accept submissions of articles are encouraged to do so. This will increase page traffic and improve the domain authority. Article submission is part of content marketing. Article submission sites that are well-respected can be used to promote articles about your business.

How to choose between Do-follow and No follow links?

Back linking is the process where search engine bots link with different websites. This is an excellent opportunity for content marketers to take advantage of by adding do-follow links to their blogs and websites on popular article submission platforms.

What are these do-follow and no-follow links?

Do-follow is any link that allows search engines or visitors to view another website through the link. Clicking on these links can help increase traffic. Do-follow links on your website that are accessible from websites with higher domain values can improve your search engine ranking. No follow links are not allowed to be followed by search engines and do not affect the position of your site. You can increase your visibility via article submission websites. Once your content is well-known, the chances of you getting a do-follow organic link are higher. Many bloggers prefer to submit articles to websites for immediate results.


Benefits of Article Submission

Article submissions can help increase PageRank and drive more traffic to your site. The truth is that the higher your SEO score, the greater the domain authority you have for your brand. You can reap maximum benefits by including key keywords in the relevant categories. Digital marketing agencies should know about many free article submission sites. It’s better to submit high-quality articles than many without the main keyword. As a result, your website traffic and on-page SEO may rise.

Visibility and presence increase

Article writing has the greatest benefit:

it can increase your visibility. Publishing is one way to gain high-quality backlinks.

How to submit your article?

When choosing a journal for publishing your research, there are many things to consider. Be sure your research is relevant to the journal’s topic. To submit your research, you might look for journals specializing in applied science.

There are several steps you should take.

  1. Run a Plagiarism Check

The plagiarism check will verify the authenticity of your research and look for any trace of material that was copied from or inadvertently borrowed from other sources. It is essential to ensure that your paper is not plagiarized. Plagiarism is prohibited in every journal. If your research contains work from another person, it will be rejected. You must always check for plagiarism in your article.

  1. Prepare Your Artwork

The artwork of your paper plays an important role in communicating the research results. It can be images, graphs or charts. It is important to prepare your artwork before you submit your paper. Each journal has its guidelines for technical art. It is good to use your artwork at the end of the paper.

  1. Formatting Requirements

While technical requirements for artwork may not be very stringent, formatting requirements require more thought. These writing requirements form the basis of an article’s structure within a journal. You must adhere to them all the way. Many journals have formatting requirements. They require papers to be written in particular styles. The American Psychological Association (APA) style is most common for academic documents. Many journals offer an editor service to help correct spelling and grammatical errors. Language should reflect the diversity and be inclusive. Language should be inclusive and acknowledge diversity. Use neutral language that isn’t biased and free of stereotypes and slang. You can find information about the requirements for publishing each journal on their website. You’ll usually find pages called “Information for Authors” and “Submission Guidelines.”

  1. For SEO, use keywords

Because keywords drive search engines such as Google and Yahoo!, they are crucial for optimization traffic. These keywords should be used at each article’s beginning, middle, and end. You can use a keyword tool to see what terms editors are looking for to find your blog post or website.

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